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7 of the Worst Car Colour Combinations

Now we bet a lot of car modders think they know how to customise a car and which colours work the best together. In some cases, the customisation isn’t too bad. However, there are some modders who don’t understand basic complementing colours.

Let’s run through some of the worst car colour combinations and re-sprays


Any Colour Changing Colours: Pearlescent paintwork

The purples to greens, orange to yellows, greens and blues, just don’t do it. Despite its eye-catching nature, we have never heard anyone say ‘Oh I really like that colour’ or ‘can you respray my car in that colour?’ because no one wants that colour. Save your pennies and keep your car colour simple.

Source: Pistonheads


Pink, Yellow and Blue (or any combination of them)

We understand why some may pursue this colour combination; it’s a cutesy kind of combo. That doesn’t make it attractive. If we saw this on the road, it would most likely end up on our Facebook with some sort of critical comment about this horrible colour combination. Thinking school dinner custard here.

Source: Japan Times


Lime Green and Pink

They don’t complement each other and it just doesn’t work. Two harsh colours on one car body is just too much to take.  Anyone thinking rhubarb and custard?

Source: YouTube


Red and Yellow

Two colours that you would have thought worked well together. However, the opposite is true. This ketchup/mustard combination goes great on burgers, but not on cars. It is a no from us.

Source: FordGTForum


Yellow and Purple

Poor Yellow, it’s the third time that it has featured on our list, but the only colour it can go with is black. Unfortunately, this isn’t a yellow and black car, it’s yellow and purple. This colour combination doesn’t work for the sole fact that the dark contrasting colour still gives off some flavour. The dark contrasting colour has to be plain and complement the body colour as oppose to trying to combat it.

Source: 106 Owners


Red and Green

Do you want to drive a strawberry? No? Then why is your car red and green! A lot of people will think this will work because they are notorious festive colours, however, if you put them on a car, then you will see how these don’t work any other time other than Christmas.

Source: Driftworks



This isn’t a combination of colour, we just wanted to mention copper. Great colour for loose change, but that is about it! Don’t ruin a perfectly good car with it.

Source: OppositeLock

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