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Bumper Repair & Scuff Repair Services in Surrey

Despite not being a crippling blow to the life of your car, it is certainly inconvenient to have your beauty scratched or scuffed and it is certainly heart-breaking if you get rear-ended by a careless driver. That is why we treat all our bumper repairs, scuffs and cracked plastics with the TLC your car deserves.

We pride ourselves in our work; no matter how small the job, you will never end up with a quick ‘smart repair’ as other garages offer. Often lasting up to 6 months, the smart repairs just don’t cut it (as they say, you get what you pay for).


Full Bumper Respray Services

If the original bumper is indeed saveable, then we will ensure it is in prime condition before we carry out our bumper respray services; this is very similar to our car resprays in Surrey.

We start by taking off the bumper completely to provide an even coat without getting excess paint on the body of the car. Once each member of staff is happy with the condition of the bumper, we can start our bumper respray services.

Car Bumper Repair

However, some accidents have more severe consequences that may require a new bumper completely. With it’s obvious costly manner, Rushmoor Bodyshop will always offer spectacular vehicle body repair services and we will try to save your bumper through our bumper repair services to keep costs down. We, not only care for our work, but for our clients too. But if it needs to be replaced, then we will replace it. This process involves bumper welding (where applicable) and it is then reinforced with filling agents.

Bumper and Scuff Repair

At Rushmoor Bodyshop, we understand that you don’t want to pay the maximum price if you don’t have to. That is why we will always try and save your bumper so that you don’t have to fork out for a new part. We will analyse the scenario and provide you with our honest opinion. If we can’t save it, we genuinely can’t save your bumper.

However, in the cases where can restore your bumper, our stunning car bumper repair services will see your car looking as good as new. We not only care for our work, but for our clients as well.

Scuff Repairs in Surrey

Our scuff repair services play the same role as our dent repair services to make your car look as good as new. Therefore, we approach all scuff repairs with one result in mind and that is to provide you with the best scuff repair services.

Whether a scuff on the corner of your bumper or a new bumper entirely, we have the tools and experience to fix any problem and ensure that we can get your car back to its old self again.











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If your vehicle needs a bumper repair, or you have an unwanted scuff, call us on 01252 794700 or you can fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will reply as soon as we can.

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